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Ace dating who young

For a while, he also employs Tatsuya part-time and sees what a good worker he can be.

After Kazuya's death he realizes that Minami loves, and had always loved, Tatsuya and supports both of them. He is Kazuya's best friend and is always paired with him.

A-list animal: Poncho the world's oldest parrot has appeared in a string of Hollywood movies alongside Tinseltown's greatest actors including Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Glen Close during her glittering career Star of the silver screen: Poncho (right) appeared alongside Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and still squawks catchphrases from the 1994 blockbuster such as 'alrighty-then' and 'loo-oo-ser' Pet shop owner Rebecca was offered Poncho as she knew Gary Gero - the owner of the company, who has worked as an animal co-ordinator for over 30 years on hit films such Harry Potter, Casino Royale and Back to the Future.

Still an icon: The pensioner parrot has been coming to Rebecca's new shop Beck's Bird Barn in Telford, Shropshire, daily since it opened about two weeks ago and has become something of a local celebrity Poncho has been coming to Rebecca's new shop Beck's Bird Barn in Telford, Shropshire, daily since it opened about two weeks ago and has become somewhat of a local celebrity with movie fans flocking to see the famous bird.

Tatsuya leads a more frivolous life, avoiding conflict with his dear brother in sports or over their shared affection for Minami.

In their first year, on the morning of the final game of the prefectural tournament, Kazuya is struck and killed by a truck in a traffic accident.

After Kazuya dies he wants Tatsuya to take his place and show him "Kazuya's pitches" again.

Akio's little sister, she is unusually close to her brother, and somewhat childish besides.

Althhough she wishes to focus on being the baseball teams manager, she is eventually convinced to join the school's rhythmic gymnastics team and becomes a star athlete on her own. Always seen flirting and teasing each other despite the boys' presence. Uesugi sometimes puts on a straight face, usually to tell off Kazuya but soon turns back to teasing with his wife. Uesugi is always seen smiling, sometimes giggling behind her hand.

He strives to lead Meisei to win the prefectural tournament and advance to the national tournament at the Koushien, fulfilling a childhood promise to take Minami there.

Though he projects an image of confidence he is actually always wary of his brother, knowing that, if Tatsuya tried, he could be a better athlete than he is and also steal Minami away.

In the second half of the story, Tatsuya takes up his brother's place in the baseball team and tries to fulfill his brother's goal. The elder of the Uesugi twins, seemingly selfish and lazy, he is actually very altruistic and reluctant to compete against others, especially his brother, Kazuya.

A naturally talented athlete, he could be successful in baseball or most sports if he put in the effort but lets his younger brother succeed in his place.

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