Alex day and lex dating

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Alex day and lex dating

"We thought it was interesting that people were assuming it was going to be Winn." As for why no one predicted it to be Alex until only recently when her storyline began to take shape with Maggie, Kreisberg doesn't have an answer."Alex didn't really have any social life last season," says Kreisberg.She never wanted to be intimate with anyone, and she hadn't realized until now that that was because she didn't want to be intimate with the men she was dating."What I'm interested in, because I love Alex, is that I want Alex to be happy," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells ."But watching them navigate Alex's coming out, their own ongoing romantic relationship will make up the emotional crux of the next few episodes." When it came to developing this storyline for Alex, Kreisberg recalls working with both DC Comics and The CW as an "easy" process, although they did not meet with GLAAD."Everybody was totally supportive," says Kreisberg. "We had actually come up with this plan when the show was still going to be at CBS, and they were equally as supportive of it.Everybody is excited about this particular storyline, whether it was the studio, either networks, Chyler.Everyone has all been rolling in the same direction and that's been great." The decision to add a lesbian character to a controversial trend that became known as the "Bury Your Gays" trope.

"When Alex tells her, Kara feels guilty because she feels like their entire worlds growing up were so much about Kara and her secret that there wasn't enough room for Alex to feel comfortable bringing this up to her.The only difficulty we've had has just been the challenge of crafting the best possible tale.We've received nothing but support from everybody.It was somebody who was an adult and in some ways had more to overcome on an internal level to get to the point where she could recognize that she has these feelings." Because Alex's coming out was inspired and encouraged by her feelings for Maggie, Kreisberg explains that the stories of Alex's budding romance with Maggie will be "linked" to Alex discovering her sexual identity on her own."Alex has put her hopes and dream on Maggie, which may or may not sit well with Maggie," says Kreisberg.

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