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Kellan, is it true that Bella’s vampire is stronger than Emmett, when he challenges her? I’m really looking forward to seeing that scene in the movie, and I know the fans will also. You might have like three lines, but there were 10 people, so they would cover each person.

I think she’s actually had to betray her own sense of self, in order to protect her family. I’ve really enjoyed watching Emmett and adding to him with each movie.I felt like, because this is the last one, there’s been a different kind of appreciation, on both ends, and a lot of familiar faces.It’s not like we haven’t seen some of these people before, so you really do feel like you recognize them.Then, we found out that they actually preferred their hotel, so we moved over there and all hell broke loose.REED: I think there was a different energy, this time around.

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I always said that she’s the nicest person you would ever meet, much less a vampire.

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