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Most 401(k) plans go by these rules: Other rules may be more specific to your plan.

For instance, some 401(k)s set limits on how easily you can withdraw money and how large a sum you can withdraw at once.

Brokers and advisors usually charge an advisory fee, which could be as much as 1% of your assets, if it’s not a flat fee.

Unless you work for a company with a very high-quality 401(k) plan—usually these are the big, Fortune 500 type of firms—you will probably find there are more kinds of investments available to you through an IRA.

If you are younger, you should consider setting a rollover strategy.

In an emergency, this could be a good alternative to taking a taxable distribution.On the other hand, if you have an unusually high quality 401(k) plan, it can be smart to keep your money where it is.IRA accounts from many big brokerages usually have no annual fees.If you’re no longer employed with a company, those advantages disappear.So your decision should come down to which kind of plan helps you keep and grow your investments over time, how high the fees are and how easy it is manage your money.

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