John keegan dating coach nyc fat guy dating tips

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John keegan dating coach nyc

There are three kinds of relationships according to Aristotle: relationships of pleasure, (ego- body relationships), relationships of utility for status and money, and relationships of shared virtue.

The latter is the soul mate relationship, one of soul-to-soul nurturing, getting at your core and stimulating your soul to grow to its highest potential. He spoke of the Michelangelo phenomenon, which is when you release a figure out of rock.

Chemistry and best friend connection determine your soul mate connection.

Karen Salsamsohn likes to mix modern psychology with the wisdom of Aristotle.

Date-mates are ruled by Mars, the Ego Sun energy, Love mates are ruled Mars and Mercury, the Ego Moon energy, soul mates are ruled by the planet Saturn, the hard worker taskmaster. She also thinks it is important to be the change you want to see in someone else.

According to Kim Allen, people jump into relationships too quickly.

Don’t despair if you think you blew your opportunity with one — there are many.

He also has a variety of experience in social services and education, including supervising housing programs for adults with disabilities, reviewing county long-term care services, coordinating volunteer and outreach programs at an AIDS service organization, and serving as an assistant counselor and baseball coach junior high school.

According to Celebrity Psychic Thomas John, timing and chemistry are important keys to the love equation; however, being more intuitive and psychically aware can help enhance your love life. Your initial reactions to people and things usually turn out to be right.

First impressions can be created or impacted by very small things and can suggest if a person is genetically inclined to be trustworthy, kind or compassionate.

His doctoral training included personality and vocational assessment and adjustment counseling for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and a one year pre-doctoral psychology internship in neuropsychological assessment and adjustment counseling.

So much of the love discourse in our culture seems to be immersed in mythology and fantasy inciting us to have unrealistic demands and tormenting us until we find an only equation: perfect love.

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