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It was actually my father who looked at that video and said, “He’s in love.” It was interesting to look at a man looking at another man and reading his affect.

I loved your close reading of the video Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress, made of him, the one where he says, “I actually want the country to see who I am, who I really am,” while she is giggling in the background. “They’re large and take up a lot of space.” From the chapter titles—“The Scumbag,” “The Con Man,” “The Lothario”—you might draw certain conclusions about Kipnis’ attitude toward men. In fact, she is constitutionally incapable of moral outrage, she writes in the book, and when she needs a hit of it, she trolls the Internet for outrage experts, such as Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of the Laura Kipnis: They just seem to be in such a state of anxiety.I had written a book about scandal and so it was on my mind how a lot of men in power seem to be acting in such incoherent ways in public.I just think moral indignation is such an easy place to go.In the case of someone like Tiger, he just seems like such a conflicted and poignant figure, and when a guy like that takes his tumble in public, it’s a way of saying, “I am full of conflicts.” And I can identify with that.

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I was trying to weave in my own life, find points of connection, men I’ve known who were, for example, self-deceivers.