Michael rosenbaum dating debbie gibson

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In her review last November, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday said it "may make for a tough movie, but it's an important and triumphant one, as well."*"Larry Kramer in Love & Anger" (HBO at 8) Intimate documentary portrait of the gay rights and AIDS activist, a playwright and author who found his loudest voice as a political firebrand.*"POV: The Overnighters" (PBS; check local listings) Documentary about a church pastor in a booming North Dakota town who decides to open his church to house oil workers with few options and some sketchy backgrounds.*"Scream" (MTV at 9) Drama/horror series updates the giddy, tongue-in-cheek murder spree of the 1996 movie and its many sequels, adding modern touches (viral videos instead of creepy landline calls) and a new take on the Ghostface mask worn by the killer."1913: Seeds of Conflict" (PBS, check listings) Documentary film explores the origins of the Middle East conflict in pre-World War I Ottoman Palestine."Monster in My Family" (LMN at 8) Docuseries introduces the relatives of serial killers to members of the victims' families. Perhaps download this show to help pass the hours spent waiting in epically long lines at theme parks."A Capitol Fourth" (PBS at 7) The 35th anniversary of the holiday broadcast from the National Mall."39th Annual Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular" (NBC at 7) For people who are absolutely certain that everything is better in New York, a live fireworks display from two spots on the East River."Running of the Bulls 2015" (Esquire beginning at 1 a.m., one-hour highlights show at 10 p.m.) Live coverage of the annual event in Pamplona, Spain, hosted by the "Men in Blazers" comedy duo Michael Davies and Roger Bennett."The Seven Year Switch" (FYI at 8) Four couples who've hit a wall in their relationships get a chance to spend two weeks in an "experimental" marriage with a different mate, to see if a different perspective addresses some of their issues."Hollywood Cycle" (E!

Premiered June 12."Dare to Wear" (Fridays at 9 on TLC) Fashion disasters from opposite sides of the wardrobe spectrum have to switch closets and wear the other person's clothes and shoes.Ben Kingsley co-stars as Tut's closest adviser."Packed in a Trunk" (HBO at 8) Documentary traces the story of Provincetown, Massachusetts, painter Edith Lake Wilkinson, who was committed to an asylum by her family in the early 20th century.A great-niece discovers Wilkinson's belongings in an attic and wants to know more."POV: Return to Homs" (PBS, check local listings) Documentary about a 19-year-old man trying to survive in the besieged Syrian city of Homs."Humanity From Space" (PBS, check listings) A survey, from an orbiting perspective, of the many ways humans have left their mark on the planet and transformed it."Knock Knock Live" (Fox at 8) Reality show hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who sends teams, which include some celebs and pro athletes, out across the country to knock on people's doors and give them the opportunity to win cash in a series of inventive games and quizzes, "taking an ordinary day and making it unforgettable.""The Agent" (Esquire at 9) Docuseries about the high-stakes world of being an NFL agent.*"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! ) of the massive publicity campaign related to the transition of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce."Stewarts & Hamiltons" (E!All eyes this year on Caitlyn Jenner, who is scheduled to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award."Twinning" (VH1 at 9) Reality/competition.Sets of twins test their intuition theory to compete against one another for a cash prize of 2,222.22.*"Nova: Chasing Pluto" (PBS, check local listings) This special will feature what we all hope are some really nifty close-up shots from the New Horizon probe of the faraway planet-that's-not-a-planet."Geeks Who Drink" (Syfy at 10) Game show based on pop-culture trivia contests in pubs."Reactor" (Syfy at ) Comedy/talk show hosted by David Huntsberger with a focus on pop culture and science-fiction.*"Tut" (Spike at 8) Limited original series (three nights; six hours) about the young Egyptian king Tutankhamun (Avan Jogia) and the palace politics occurring around him.

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Premiered June 2."Sense8" (Netflix streaming) Tedious but stylish sci-fi series from the Wachowskis ("The Matrix") about eight strangers who discover that their minds are linked.