Nis ipnodes not updating

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Nis ipnodes not updating

There are potentially an enormous number of things to update when this happens.This howto sticks to required system changes: I strongly recommend you gather a list of applications used on the server before moving it and check what changes need to be made to them.It also explains how to operate the solution and how you might want to further evolve your implementation of VAS in the future to take advantage of Active Directory services beyond authentication logon and authorization.In addition, VAS is designed to let you take advantage of Active Directory scalability and performance features.

We’ll start with updating the host name, then move on to changing network configuration.

CAUTION Before you complete your planning preparations, it is important that you are familiar with the information specifically about the Quest Software VAS solution contained in this chapter.

Development, Test, and Release Management team members should review the following VAS documentation: These documents are available with the Quest Software VAS product.

If you use a smarthost this is probably as simple as updating the DS line in /etc/mail/(this file is generated, so you should update the template in /etc/mail/cf then regenerate it, rather than edit it directly).

For more complex configurations refer to the Sendmail documentation: man is a good start.

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If you’re physically moving the server you’ll have to do this anyway, so you might as well do it now.