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[Read more...]If you are becoming frustrated and discouraged with the type of males you are attracting and dating, then it is the time that you discovered some of the dating tips for women that might be able to help you.

If you want to prevent your long distance relationship break-up then try to avoid the 18 reasons why long distance relationships are so difficult …

Perhaps they want to know all about you but are vague or cagey about sharing details of their own life.

Do they become too attentive, start declaring their love for you, use terms of endearment like “Babe”, “Darling” or “Sweetheart” or within hours or a few days?

While chatting, listen carefully for any inconsistencies in actions or behaviour. When I question a new client who has experienced a relationship disaster as to whether they had any instinct early on that something was wrong, I nearly always hear the word YES. Determine whether this person is consistent in their behaviours and that their answers make sense.

When you do arrange a date, make sure a close friend or family member knows where, what time and the name of the person you are meeting. Pay attention to the red flags early on that someone may not be legitimate or honest.

The one thing I am certain of is this: If you are needy and desperate to have a relationship you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Sometimes in the online dating world people are not honourable or honest about what they feel – they just disappear.The Safe Family Life™ EXTREME COLLEGE SURVIVAL KIT is specifically structured to make a young woman’s life safer at college.From the infrared room alarm, to a door stop alarm, to a book diversion safe to hide her valuables, to personal safety with pepper sprays and electronic whistle. You get 6 Special Safety Reports: College And Campus Safety Tips, College Rape Report, How To Secure Your Dorm or Apartment, Roommates, Safe Dating, Tools Parents Can Use To Prepare Their Kid For College.Chemistry and Charm are no guarantee that you have a good relationship.Make sure you know what you are looking for in a prospective partner.

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Many people are scared by the thought of going out with someone new.