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162 Hello there to all the beautiful gorgeous women out there hope you guys doing alright ?

A dina bandebidtu nam parents jathre ge hogidru nang exm time adike na hogirlilla 4 dina heng irodu anta yochne madtiddaga gate sound aitu..nodidre aunty..!!

nang swarga nodidastu kushi..ivath enadru agli na anty jote sex madbeku anta ketta dhairya madbitte.!

I am sangeetha from kolkata, my age is 27 yrs and I am an IT working professional.

I am staying in my uncle’s house from school days and my uncle has a son of 14 yrs who is my cousin brother.

He was borne in front of me when I was in class -7, so I didn’t keep any distance from him, From small I used to bath him, took him my lap, feed milk on my lap and so on and he also loves me very much.

As I said I didn’t keep any distance means dressed him for school till he was in class-2, now he is changing his dresses in from of me as he don’t feel shy and I also use to change dresses in his presence and really I didn’t hesitate to do as I have seen him from birth and he is 13 yrs younger than me .

hello sangeetha, i really angry on you girl like you, you should keep limitation of your relation, dont spoil your brother and sister relationship, some relaxation for whole body is need but not in this way.hello sangeetha, its not good at all, you make and you keep bad impact on brother and sister relation, you should understand him and try to understand him, you should try to understand the changes made in your brohter.hello sangeetha, its not good thing at all, you should stay away from him because whole life of your and his are in front of you both, so you should stay away from him, and also indirectly realize him things.hello sangeeta, its not good at all, he is younger than you and you are his sister now also you understand how to behave in front of him, you mentioned that you change clothes in front of him, its totally wrong.hello sangeeta, so can you say what would you think to be done now for your cousin also you should forget this thing and you need to think about that before you have done things, so take care of this things.hello sangeeta, i also face similar situation like you, but body massage give some relaxation to whole body and give relaxation to mind also, i think every person try body massage once, and feel the relaxation.hello sangeetha, you are totally wrong this time, if you are award what he did, that time only you should scold on him or you should not take massage from him so try to avoid this things, from next function is going on and all are busy in preprations as am activity head of schol i handle stage all back stage work and almost 70% of work so i stayed in hostel with 11th standard girl she is so sweet and good girl we stay in same room i usually wear salwar kameej to feel free am well built 5.9 tall 38 thirty four 40 figure she doing some work so i just rem...idu heege nadita ithu but aunty nanna eno onthara ase inda nodta idare anstithu.hatra ninthkondu kaalalli rangoli hakta idru;-) Aunty ge nan mel..agide anta nang gothaitu but nanenu exprss madlilla.Aunty hubby bsnl employee avru mnthly 1s maneg bandu 2 dina iddu mathe tumba lonelyness ansto eno nanna frnd madkolak try madtidru.sanje mathe papuna karkond hogoke bandu anty nan hatra " nang magu kodi"andru... nange antyna madbeku anta ase jasti agtithu adre time agta irlilla..ratri anty na nenskondu hodkonde tunne ful niguri 8inch agithu.. tunne full wet agi juice methkondithu..aunty na nijvaglu madidastu kushi aitu.sakaglilla mathe 1hr bittu hodkonde avaglu juice nadi tara harithu...avathela hodkond rasada kodi harisode kelsa aithu..

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- revti [View Message] hello anupama, you should caught them while the time you file complaint against that guy who fk to your daughter, so it will be lesson for that guy, he never again look at your daughter....