Therapist dating clients

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Therapist dating clients

Brave clinicians have told her of their own inclinations towards a patient.The slightly less robust have talked of their colleagues' professional brush with love and lust and The Intimate Hour has opened up the sluice gates to a torrent of revelations about the sexual feelings that well up in those intense 50-minute hours."What surprised me," says Baur, "was the number of therapists who came to me after the book was finished.One of my colleagues actually said to me, 'Did I tell you about the time a fellow therapist and I fell for a set of identical twins?I thought, 'Oh at last, here's a man who speaks my language.' It didn't occur to me that I'd ever act on the attraction." She thought about him incessantly.She began to contemplate the ethical problems of having sex with a client.In all long-term therapy, love is the shaping and the moulding force..." and, in her opinion, if it gives way to sexual longing, then so be it.

Jung "made poetry", as he so delicately put it, with his patient Sabina Spielrein, as did renowned psychologist Otto Frank with his famous client Anais Nin.

Though unshocked by the penetration of sexual attraction into the therapy session, Freud was adamantly opposed to its consummation.

He thought it could lead to madness and delusion on the part of both the therapist and the patient.

"One of my points," she says, "is that not all women are so anxious to blame men for their troubles that they scream abuse when a therapist hugs them.

I am 100 per cent against sexual acting out in therapy.

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So, apparently was he and the two decided they wanted to pursue a physical relationship.