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"Videodate" clearly is one of the better and most memorable episodes of the "Hitchhiker" series.

One of my favorites too, mostly because this one features the hot and ever sexy Shannon Tweed.

We all like to think that before online dating, couples met exclusively through romcom-ready meet-cutes at the airport or in the bookstore.

But finding someone to date hasn't always been that easy — with or without

Barbara is drop dead gorgeous(played perfect and fitting by ex playboy playmate Shannon Tweed she's every man's fantasy!

DJ gets all excited about going until Stephanie reminds her that she has to watch her and Michelle that night.

I would take off the camera back and pour cheetos into it (thanks dad! At the age of ten, I received my first working camera (Kodak 110). Sam was wonderful, sweet, patient and seemed to really like being photographed. Simultaneously, I explored the areas of beauty and fashion photography, and even had a stint as a video dating service photographer.

Those experiences showed me not only that I'm better suited for portrait photography, but also that I have a knack for putting people at ease.

One by one after one night stands, Jack drops each and every one like a hot potato and he leaves each ladies heart crushed.

Only one day he meets a mysterious woman named Barbara who's sent him a video at his apartment doorstep and she shows her goods on the tape and arranges a date.

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For the past eight years I've been a location scout for T. I'm the gal who seeks out the environment the director envisions.

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