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I would also advise that you let your ex-husband know you are introducing someone to your children.

It’s not just your life; it’s your kid’s lives too.

A Florida parenting plan must be in place prior to the finalization of a divorce decree.

The plan is approved by the judge in your case according to the individual factors relevant to your case.

I had a pool party with about four adult guests, him being one of them.

We did about five more group outings before he came to do things with just me and my two children.

Happily, the actress was game to answer a ton of questions about the series and its impact in her Reddit AMA last month to promote her new show, Dinner at Tiffani's (on which she recently reunited with Elizabeth Berkley).

Here you are, single again, but this time with children.

Telling your children they have to be nice or like someone is a sure fire way to ruin the meeting.

For instance, a backyard BBQ with friends and your new man.

With a 50-percent divorce rate, America is seeing more mixed families than ever before.

It’s a different game to date when you’re a parent and while there are no hard and fast rules, parents and experts agree on some guidelines – the least of which is, let them be ready before you are.“Be concrete with little ones, abstract with teens and pre-teens.

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